Science Education


  • To inspire youth to love learning about science and technology
  • Non-profit after school science education taught by scientists
  • Innovative teaching philosophy featuring Self-Engagement, Social Engagement, and Custodial Engagement
  • Encourage young people to achieve their personal best by providing the most empowering and enriching STEM education available
  • Motivate kids to love science and WANT to do the hard work needed to gain authentic competence in STEM
  • Promote the foundation of the scientific enterprise…honesty, self-skepticism, high ethical standards and a commitment to make the world a better place.


LabRats San Diego is a nonprofit after-school education program taught by scientists for students age 11-18. We incorporate some of the best aspects of sports and scout programs into the lab, utilizing science related team building activities as well as a performance based system of advancement and a strong code of ethics. Our approach is built on creating fun and engaging experiences through which our members can observe their own progress as they develop strength of character, expand their knowledge, and develop confidence in their ability to accomplish great things.

LabRats San Diego is broken up into a core program and an advanced program using a performance based system of learning, leadership, and responsibility. WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUTH BETWEEN 11 AND 14 TO PIONEER OUR CORE PROGRAM. Our 90-minute weekly science labs are being led by science mentors with a background in research. This leadership approach brings to our students “real life” science mentors who have been there, and who have a full understanding of the work it takes to make it through STEM education.