Everything we teach is fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Labs will be 90 minutes long, once a week for 8 weeks totaling 40 weeks of the year. LabRats San Diego is broken up into 2 levels, the basic program and the advanced program. The basic program spans several years of core STEM topics. We teach all areas of science, covering both Physical and Life Sciences.  We start with physical sciences first because they are building blocks for everything, and we want everyone to have a basic knowledge of Atoms, Matter, Forces, Energy, Pressure, Math, and more. Then we jump into life sciences, understanding biology and the living planet we call earth. Members advance through the basic program and into the advanced program through a merit based system of leadership and responsibility. As they progress through the lower ranks students gain self-esteem and often discover that they can learn with ease any science-related subject they encounter in their normal school. As their facility with the STEM content grows, and they demonstrate their dedication to the high ideals of the program, members advance through the basic program and embark on an advanced program. The advanced program is entirely interest driven, mentors will tailor what the student learns based on their unique interests and talents. The highest tier of the advanced program will consist of independent original research in their field of interest under the direction of science experts in the field who volunteer their time.