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Our 60-minute science courses are a combination of short lectures followed by hands-on labs led by real scientists with a background in research ion fields related to STEM. This leadership approach brings to our students “real life” science mentors who have been there,have a passion for science and who have a full understanding of the work it takes to make it through STEM education. LEARN MORE!

After-School Courses

Atoms in Motion Have you ever wondered what the world looks like on a nano scale? Or what exactly a gas is? Everybody has heard of atoms and many know that they make up anything and everything, but what most people don’t understand about them is how they interact in the world and how their properties make up everything in the universe. In this lab series, you will break apart water molecules, learn why substances melt and evaporate, and discover the difference between temperature and heat.

Energy and Pressure Got a knack for mechanical devices? I’m sure you’ve heard of energy and force, but can you describe exactly what they are? How about pressure? These basic principles are what engineers use to design everything from hammers to airplanes. In this lab series, you will prove that energy is conserved, discover its relation to force, find out how simple machines like levers and pulleys take advantage of their relationship, and what exactly friction is. We also demonstrate how forces are applied by gasses through pressure and how this phenomenon is related to temperature.

Fueling Mammals Have you ever wondered what exactly is happening in your body when you eat or breath? Or when you're physically exercising? In this lab series, students will explore the biological sciences behind how mammals generate and expend energy, and will test for the number of calories in our food. Students will also discover how nutrients are transported throughout the body, and explore many more revelations.

Life of Plants Did you know there's a lot more going on with plants that you can't actually see? Explore how plants survive, grow, and interact with their environment! In this lab series, students will test soil samples, distinguish the many colors in different plants, learn how to preserve a plant/flower for its lifetime, and much more.

Light and Signals Our society is built on the instantaneous transfer of information across thousands of miles. But you might wonder, how does it all work? What transports it? How do we interpret it once it arrives? In this lab series, we cover what exactly light is, measure its speed using sweets like a chocolate bar, learn how to code and send messages using only a flashlight, and build simple electronic circuits.

Powering Your World Do you know what's happening when you plug something into an outlet on the wall? What is this thing that makes almost everything we use in our daily lives work and how do we create it? In this lab series, we discuss electricity, magnetism, and power generation. Students will learn how to control static electricity, create their own electric generator, and much more.

Simple Machinery Machines are highly complex devices, assembled from simple pieces. In this course, students learn about some of these components while building, testing, and competing with their own small trebuchet's and rubber band powered cars.

High Tech Art You probably agree that technology and art are not exactly mutually exclusive. In recent years, new tools have emerged that provide new capabilities for artists to use in their creative endeavors. In this lab series, we introduce students to laser cutting and engraving, and use it to create various projects.


Rocketry Exploration How exactly do rockets work? Students discover the basic concepts behind the field that took us to the moon and will soon take us to Mars. Students will build their own air or water powered rockets, build and test a heat shield, parachute, and discuss topics such as the challenges of space colonization.

Science of Lif

Science of Life Life is a remarkable phenomenon. Students will learn a wide sample of biology from plants to the human body. In this camp, students extract their own DNA, measure nutrients in soil, and measure their own lung capacity to discover how life has adapted to its environment.

Camps - Coming Soon

YouTube Viral Stars

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a viral star, but few know the art of filmmaking. In this course, students will make their own YouTube channel, and learn film production techniques such as editing, cinematography, storyboarding and sound mixing all while completing their own short film project.

Slime and Everyday Chemistry

Every day we use common household products, but we have no idea about the crazy chemistry that each product utilizes for its purpose, from soap to bleach to the food we eat, discover the crazy world of chemistry we use every day. Plus learn some fun chemistry like creating your own slime and crystals.

Innovating the Future

The gadgets we use in our daily lives feel like magic until we understand the components that make them work, and how they all can act together in concert. In this camp students will learn how electronic components such as motors, buttons, servos and sensors can combine to make things like burglar alarms, electric cars, and even musical instruments.

Designing Games

Video games are the new art form of our time. They allow us to live stories, rather than just watch or read them, and designing and building them is a great way to explore your creative side while learning the fundamentals of coding and how computers work. In this course, campers will create their own game using Scratch.

Mindstorm Robotics

The whole point of technology is to make our lives easier and allow us to do things we couldn’t do before. Students will learn the basics of how automation is used in the real world, and see how it is revolutionizing how we manufacture goods. Students will solve problems by designing and coding their own robots using LEGO Mindstorms kits.

Makerlab Inventions

Learn how to take something out of your head and make it exist in the real world. In this camp we cover prototyping techniques such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, and Computer Aided Design. Students will design and manufacture their own inventions.