Why Learn Science?

Why study science?

An education in science and technology is nothing less the power to transform the entire world with a single idea! We carry out inspirational exercises that show members that the modern world was created by hundreds of thousands of people who understood how nature worked and who were skilled at solving practical problems. While a few made truly incredible contributions, most made more modest advancements. You may not know their names, but every one of them lived their lives knowing that they had made a difference.

What is science?

Science is everything we know about the physical universe and how we know it! This is a fundamental restatement of the "systemized body of knowledge..." dictionary definition that is typically taught in the schools. This definition makes clear that the power of science comes from understanding both the facts of science and the process that people use to discover those facts.

What is doing science all about? 

Doing science is all about making sure that you're not fooling yourself! This gets at the heart of the entire scientific enterprise- each scientist working painstakingly to make sure that they aren't fooling themselves. We make certain that our students understand that if you don't know how to make sure that you aren't fooling yourself then you are certainly more likely to be fooled. Moreover, we teach our students that cultivating reasoned self-skepticism gives them tremendous advantages in all aspects of their lives. Science isn't just one way to understanding nature it's the best possible approach to understanding the physical universe.

What makes a scientist a scientist?

Always fit theories to facts, never facts to theories! We all have beliefs and ways of looking at the world that we hold dear. Many people, when presented with facts that contradict one of their cherished beliefs, bias their interpretation of the facts to fit what they want to believe. A true scientist, on the other hand, makes a deep personal commitment to a worldview in which the truth will always be more dear than any belief he or she may currently hold. A scientist is skeptical of his or her own ideas and opinions, and is always willing to change them when presented with credible evidence that demonstrates that their beliefs are incorrect.

The LabRats Motto

Investigate. Do the experiment! We teach our members that they do not have to rely on the truth of what someone tells them. They have the power to discover the truth for themselves. Moreover, we encourage them to use that power every day!