Friday’s Schedule

Friday May 17th

Tech Room:

Academic Coaching in math and science 3-4pm

Receive one on one help from local student leaders. Each Academic Coach is a junior or senior high school intern who has completed many AP courses, receiving exceptional scores, and is familiar with new common core math standards.

Open game play from 4-5pm

Participate in any of the simple or complex games we have at the center.


Join us in the garden for our Lab Rats Makers Challenge Day 3:45-4:45

Earthquake Simulator- Challenge yourself to build the tallest building while still being able to withstand tectonic plate movements in this cool simulator build!

Enjoy the sunshine in the garden by complete one of the available independent makers projects 3-6pm

Two Stage Balloon Rockets – A thrilling rocket build that comes complete with a two-phase launch system and fun balloon animals!