Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LabRats approach?

We approach science education by creating fun and engaging experiences through which our members can observe their own progress as they develop strength of character, expand their knowledge, and develop confidence in their ability to accomplish great things.


Be fair, and generous to all.

Respect yourself and everyone else.

Never cheat, or accept the cheating of others.

Think like a scientist.

Work for a higher purpose.

 Can my child do science?

Any child who decides they want to learn science and wants to do the hard work necessary to gain experience in STEM will be engaged in this program!

Does Labrats HAVE strenuous TESTS?

We do not believe in reciting facts, but rather believe in applying information through hands-on and exciting experiments.


Once members obtain the level of Citizen Scientist they embark on an advanced program of individual study under LabRats San Diego Science Mentors (science experts who donate their time), in which they get to make contributions to meaningful research projects as they work on whatever science topics most excite their inner passion to learn.

Why did we choose our first Session of science?

National Science Education Standards supports that the breadth of knowledge children need to know to exceed in science are life sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences and technology. We plan to expand on these topics through experiments and staying current on up-to-date research.

Why now?

According to the National Science Foundation (REF), thirteen countries including China produce more scientists and engineers per capita than does the U.S.. Moreover, 40 percent of the P.h.D.-level scientists working today in the U.S. are foreign-born.

Will Mentors and Teachers be live scanned to work with children?

An extensive background check and live scan will be performed on all Science Mentors and staff working with youth. Teacher Training is of highest importance for the success of our science education program.

Why choose local mentors?

We believe that anyone who understands STEM and who wants to share their knowledge with others should have an effective way to do so. That is why we designed LabRats San Diego to act like a node that links local people and STEM organizations into a community-wide network of cooperating partners.

What do our mentors do that science teachers cannot?

We inspire kids to become doers of science and creators of technology instead of mere knowers of facts. To be successful, a budding scientist needs expert guidance- and that often means extensive one-on-one coaching that our over-burdened teachers just can’t provide.