Saturday’s schedule

Saturday May 18th

Tech Room:

Academic Coaching in math and science 9am-12pm

Receive one on one help from local student leaders. Each Academic Coach is a junior or senior high school intern who has completed many AP courses, receiving exceptional scores, and is familiar with new common core math standards.

Open game play from 12-1pm

Participate in any of the simple or complex games we have at the center.


Join us in the garden for our engineering course build 9am-10:45am

Design and build your own lever and pulley systems to give you the ability to pick up large weights efficiently, just like engineers do

Join Chris Cadwell for Chess Club 11am- 1pm

Join the fun club everyone loves and learn most strategic game ever.


Enjoy our open makerspace! 9am-1pm

Use the laser cutter to build a simple machine or cut a fun design.

Program one of the Lego Mindstorm robots to do any number of actions like self balance or steer!

Complete one the available independent makers projects 9am-1pm

Afterimage – An interesting exploration of the processes happening behind two things you use everyday but may not fully understand: your eyes.

Two Stage Balloon Rockets – A thrilling rocket build that comes complete with a two-phase launch system and fun balloon animals!

Marble Drop – A thrilling challenge where students use the magnetic pieces to build a maze that drops a marble in exact time.