The STEAM Discovery Center

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Tuesday March 26th from 3 - 6 pm
Saturday March 30th from 9 am - 1 pm
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Membership includes access to everything every day. Courses, Makers Lab, Tutoring/ Academic Coaching, Come and Go as you please.

Single Day, sign up to a Single Course and you can access everything for that day for the length of the course. Come early Stay Late.

Open to Students Grades 5th to 8th*

*Contact us for exceptions and other opportunities for younger students


LabRats STEAM Discovery Center will be housed at
Encinitas Boys and Girls clubhouse Griset 1221 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA, 92024

Grand Opening April 16th! Sign Up Today 

Discovery Center Features 


Project-based learning is critical to student success. It helps to develop and enhance student learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and self-management. We believe students learn best by doing, especially when they are self-motivated and pursue their own ideas and interests independently, with guidance from someone more knowledgeable when needed. Our MakerLab is fully loaded with the necessary equipment, featuring a Laser Cutter, LEGO Mindstorms kits, and all the arts and craft supplies a young artist or inventor would need to bring out the best of their ideas and explore their true passions. Our team has developed dozens of projects and challenges students can pursue to help inspire their next big idea.

LabRats Courses

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math courses are offered that cover everything from animal and plant biology, to rockets, or from chemistry and physics, to making art with a laser cutter. Our teaching style emphasizes hands-on project based learning to encourage a growth mindset while also nurturing student curiosity to learn more.

A full list of courses can be found here, our curriculum

Academic Coaching/Tutoring

We get it, school work can be overwhelming, and if you miss one piece of learning, it can be a catastrophe when that big exam sneaks up on you weeks later. At the STEAM Discovery Center, we have professionals devoted to tutoring and academic coaching for at least two hours a day. Our Student Leaders have excelled in math and science, and if you feel your student is falling behind, or you want to help them get ahead, our tutors and mentors are there to help your student succeed. Our Student Leaders are brilliant students on their own who merely want to give back to their community by passing on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. They are role models, that actively pursue and achieve excellence in their own STEAM educations.


Sometimes, science is about getting your hands dirty (literally). We have a half acre garden facility, complete with boxes where we grow food, look for bugs, and ultimately, discover the natural environment around us. It’s also a great place to work on art projects.