Tuesday’s Schedule

Tuesday June 11th

Tech Room:

Academic Coaching in math and science 3-5pm

Receive one on one help from local student leaders. Each Academic Coach is a junior or senior high school intern who has completed many AP courses, receiving exceptional scores, and is familiar with new common core math standards.

Open game play from 5-6pm

Participate in any of the simple or complex games we have at the center.


Join us in the garden for our food science course 3:45-4:45pm

Garden: Garden: Get Creative Tuesday 3:45-4:45 with our LabRats Food science course on everyone’s favorite breakfast, eggs!

Student will learn many ways to transform egg whites and what this means on a molecular level. This includes whip the egg whites till enough air is incorporated to make strong peaks as well as more tradition egg preparations, as well as learn how they are vital in baking like cookies and cake.


Enjoy our open makerspace! 9am-1pm

Use the laser cutter to build a simple machine or cut a fun design.

Program one of the Lego Mindstorm robots to do any number of actions like self balance or steer!

Complete one the available independent makers projects 9am-1pm

Marble Drop – A thrilling challenge where students use the magnetic pieces to build a maze that drops a marble in exact time.

Two Stage Balloon Rockets – A thrilling rocket build that comes complete with a two-phase launch system and fun balloon animals!

Soap Boats – A fun design experiment where you make a zooming boat

powered by soap!