Wednesday’s schedule

Wednesday May 15th

Tech Room:

Academic Coaching in math and science 3-5pm

Receive one on one help from local student leaders. Each Academic Coach is a junior or senior high school intern who has completed many AP courses, receiving exceptional scores, and is familiar with new common core math standards.

Open game play from 5-6pm

Participate in any of the simple or complex games we have at the center.


Join us in the garden to explore the Physical Sciences 3:45-4:45pm

Explore the physical sciences with the LabRats team in this course focused on Light and signals

Students will use light and signals to communicate in a challenge with other LabRats members, similar to morse code


Enjoy our open makerspace! 3-6 pm

Use the laser cutter to build a simple machine or cut a fun design.

Program one of the Lego Mindstorm robots to do any number of actions like self balance or steer!

Complete one the available independent makers projects 3-6pm

How to Balance Anything – Learn how to balance anything you ever need in this hands on project about ratios and weight.

Marble Drop – A thrilling challenge where students use the magnetic pieces to build a maze that drops a marble in exact time.

Blowing Big Bubbles – The most amazing bubble experience you will ever have!